Today went out on the lower Sacramento with Peppi and his father Fuji. Started early and got off the water early as
well. Peppi and Fuji were great company, as well as the many Rainbows. The weather was slightly over cast, 85
degrees, and just a beautiful day. Flows out of Keswick Dam dropped to 7000 cfs at 7:00am. Today we ran triple
nymph set up, on a nine foot leader egg, cinnamon pupa, baetis patterns around 1to - 1.8 oz of weight. Majority of the
fish were on the Caddis, and a few on the peach egg, with the BWO working in the morning.   The fishing is good on
the Sac right now; the fish are fatting up for the winter putting on weight. As well as the Trinity is seeing a lot of fish all
thru the system now, looking like a great year. Heading north the upper stretch of the Mighty Klamath is bringing a lot
of adults and the famous half pounders in the net.
Fall fishing is GREAT come on out and take a drift…

Fished the trinity today, river is skinny and clear in need of a little rain. There is still a lot of fish in the system, and
some hogs as well. Good egg bite, RCJ’s, Prince patterns, and some Caddis. Caught a hatchery Buck With some
color, but hooked some nice chromers too. Looking like a good year, next rain will push some more Metal Heads
up. It’s beautiful in Trinity County, book a trip soon…


Did a two boat trip down the Klamath with a Good friend and fellow guide Isaac. Great fall weather, with the water
running around 1200 cfs made for an awesome day. Lots of Half pounders in the system as always, and some hog
adults as well. Hooked around 30 fish and a few kings also. Egg, Egg, Egg, Caddis, Dark Lord, Birds nest,
October Caddis, etc. With this beautiful weather great time to book a trip..

Got to go out on the Lower Sac with Dave Williams with Williams Construction and J today. It was Dave’s first
time, and he nailed it like a pro. Dave went 6 for 15...”Not bad Dave”. A Little slower than usual, but still happen to
keep the lines tight.  Flows at 7200 went up after dropping it to 6000 for pulling the board at Caldwell Park. Egg,
S&M’s, Caddis. Overall a good day on the sac, you can always count on some action.
Just had some awesome trips on the Trinity, Sac, and Mcloud. First I was smiling all day with Candy, Linda, and Lyle. It was very windy, and
we had three lines out on a drift at times. Still hooked some fish and it turned into a beautiful day. Bug of the day were Caddis, flows were at
7800 cfs, and partly cloudy breezy day.  
Dropping into Trinity next with Rick and Brian, in search of ocean run Metal Heads. Went 2 for 5, not a bad day, with Brian having a monster
that came off mid day, I estimate 10lbs plus. Hooked hand full of half pounders as well. Flows are low around 300 cfs I here they are pumping
them up to a 1000 cfs. It was a blue bird day.
On the sac again, I had the pleasure of having the two docs on board  that day. Made a long drift, really put our work in. Hooked about a
dozen fish, mostly on the Caddis, and a few on the egg. Beautiful bright sunny day flows around 7100 cfs.
Joined back up with Brian and put a few hours in up in Caldwell. Fishing was good; Brian hooked a bunch, with one in the twenty inch range.
Black Caddis pupa and a bead was the ticket. Had a blast…
Got to go to an area unknown, and  hooked up with a bunch of rainbows, and the occasional lake runner. Big dry hatch of BWO's, Psycho
Prince, stones and an egg sucking leach. Cloudy with a rain shower here and there. LOVE TOO FISH!
Thanks for coming out everybody!               
Today brings closure to streams in the north state. Rain is and snow is expected with a cold front pushing through. Fished the Trinity, Sac,
and a few puddles here and there this past week. Caught some nice fish, everything is still fishing pretty good right now. I expect the
steelhead to really push up with the next weather. Still a good egg bite and caddis as well. Flows are at 7000 cfs on the Sac, and 300 cfs
in the Trinity. It’s time to Steel Head hunt give us a call today. Special thanks to everyone that came out these last weeks.
This is the best time of the year to fish in my book, there’s nothing like hunting for that Gray Ghost (Steel Head). Fished a few waters lately, on the coast,
Klamath, Trinity, and a few we do not speak of. Rain is needed soon as possible; most rivers are Gin clear and low. Still thru out the conditions we still have
been finding some. I tell you what you hook one of these metal head, you will be hooked as well…for life. Egg bite has been slow, not seeing a bunch of
Salmon, but water can change a lot. It’s been great weather, little cold in the morning but warming quick. Come book a day on one of these beautiful rivers,
and hunt the fish of a life time
The winter fishing has been good, with good numbers and size. The Trinity is starting to slow with Runbacks on the move; you can still find a few fresh here
and there, as well as a few big natives. The Sacramento is fishing excellent right now with 20” plus hogs being pulled out, and 20, 30, hook ups a day. The
Klamath is still fishing well for the famous half pounders. The flows are 300 cfs out of Lewiston Dam, and 5000 cfs on the Sacramento increasing 1000 cfs on
the 22nd, and the Klamath is holding at 1000 cfs. Fishing is awesome, with spring on the way book a trip today.
Thanks to everyone that came out for early spring fishing, it was pretty epic. After the major march rains we had the fishing on the lower sac got hot. Good
numbers and size all the way to Red bluff. The flows are raising now, and with the heat coming on, dry fly action awaits your presentation. Salmon flies, Goldens,
Little Yellows, PMD's, you name it its hatching. The Klamath will be good on the Salmon fly hatch, so bring the dry fly rod. The Trinity is 6000 cfs right now, but
as soon as it drops into shape its Salmon time. Shad will be in below Red Bluff in June, tons of fun on a fly Rod. Lots of water to get a line in, so come on up or
down and enjoy Nor Cal.